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Meet Author Laurence R. Smith

Greetings from Wrenta!  Hi, my name is Laurence R. Smith but feel free to call me Larry. Writing the Governing Utopia Trilogy has been so much fun from the first page of book 1 to the ending of book 3. Although I’ve written a few books in other genres, Governing Utopia has been as enjoyable as anything I’ve written yet. I guess I really do have an honest passion for writing. One day while reading different stories online about how the U.S. has launched satellites to look for evidence of life on other planets, including Mars, I wondered about what will happen one day when an advanced alien race does land on Earth and want to become our friends. (Maybe they already have...). Assuming that they don’t want to take over our planet or serve us up for lunch, what would a real friendship look like? What would they think about our planet and how we live our life—particularly in the U.S.? That’s when the Governing Utopia story was born.
I admit that there are a lot of twists throughout the story and you’ll discover that whenever Paul has a pointed discussion with someone (most likely the president) the facts Paul mentions are true issues here on Earth. The story is fiction but there are verifiable facts throughout each book. Some facts may seem silly to you but dangerous to others.  Either way some things just don’t make sense. You be the judge—please.
I really hope you enjoy the alien dictionary in the back of each book, it was a lot of fun writing it.

About the Author…

Prolific author Laurence R. (Larry) Smith, a.k.a. Rev. Dr. Laurence R. Smith has lived in Manatee County Florida for over 37 years. Larry and his wife Karen live a busy and (somewhat) quiet life with their two cats “Boo-boo” and “Sunshine”.
Under the pen name of Rev. Dr. Laurence R. Smith, Larry has published a faith
based book entitled “The Faith Dozen”—12 biblical tools for better living, and
“Relationship 101” for people to better understand relationships.
All fiction books published by Larry will be under the name
of Laurence R. Smith (without titles) to distinguish between
religious and self help books from science fiction books by Rev. Smith.