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             The Governing Utopia Trilogy

Science Fiction with a Spectacular Twist..

.Book 1
The story starts here. 
386 Pages, 1.42 lb.                                      

ISBN: 978-1-329-07667-9
ID: 16629078
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Book 1
This wonderful story begins with book 1. You’ll discover a distant planet 16 light years from Earth and meet the friendly aliens that look just like us. Of course they speak an alien language called Wren—and a Wren Dictionary is in the back of the book!

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The story continues with a lot of trips between Earth and Wrenta as well as a number of other places.  The new spacecraft is very cool! You’ll meet other races and visit many other planets. The discussions between the Prime Director of Wrenta and the U.S. President get heated almost every time they meet. Some discoveries are shocking!

Book 2
Governing Utopia:
Of Earth and Aliens.
274 Pages, 1.04 lb.  
ISBN: 978-1-365-22518-5
ID: 19022939
List Price: $14.95

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